June 29, 2004

Movie Comments

So over the last two nights Iíve rented two movies set in the America of a few decades ago, both dealing with characters struggling with whether or not they want to be adults. Neither was brilliant, but both were solid and had their moments. Of the two I preferred A Walk on the Moon. Of course I do have a long-standing fondness for Diane Lane. But beyond that, it conveyed a vivid depiction of a certain type of family and summer lifestyle in 1969. It also had a terrific turn by Liev Schreiber who walks away with the movieís acting laurels in his role as Laneís husband. As to The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys Ö it was fine. Nothing great, nothing awful. If you think itís the kind of thing youíd like, you probably will. Generally, itís fine. Though if anyone wishes to explain the appeal of Jenna Malone to me, please feel free. Sheís one ingenue of the moment I just donít get. Plain, and she stands there except when she over-emotes in an arched yet all-American Helen Hunt style. Is she just thriving off Donnie Darkoís (deserved) cool reputation? Oh, though if youíre thinking of renting TDLOAB because you think you might enjoy a Kieran Culkin movie, Iíd like to turn your attention to Igby Goes Down. Now that was a great little movie.

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