July 01, 2004

Die Mommie Die

OK, so given that I don't like drag shows, maybe I wasn't the target audience for this movie. That sort of seems to have been Roger Ebert's take on it (well, Ebert thinks that the changes that have taken place in society have greatly diminished their meaning and appeal). But I did enjoy writer/star Charles Busch's last movie, Psycho Beach Party. That was a spoof of 1960's beach blanket and horror movies. And it was really pretty funny. Die Mommie Die! on the other hand is an "homage" to the melodramas of the 1950's and 1960's, and Mr. Busch's style just doesn't fit as well with that tone. While there are same game turns by a surprisingly good supporting cast, this movie languishes in 2 star territory.

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