August 15, 2004

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse

A couple of months ago my friend Crystal wrote me that she saw this book and thought of me (as to what that says about me, you be the judge). It has one of the best titles ever (for those of us who aren't faced with an ever-present rabbit phobia), so I decided to read it. The verdict - for some, it would be a fine book to take to the beach. It lurches into mdeiocrity at the end when it becomes a tiresomely traditional detective story with a little bit of (irrelevant) philosophy thrown in for good measure. But if you can come to terms with a less than unique ending, most of the book is entertaining. It involves the mysterious young Jack who comes to Toy Town, teams up with a teddy bear detective, and starts to investigate the murders of a string of Preadolescent Poetic Personalities (like Little Boy Blue and Humpty Dumpty). The writing can be sharp, and the discussions of what became of various fairy-tale characters after their stories can bring a cynical smile to your face. Basically it's a rather original cute diversion. So if you're looking for something to breeze through when you need to relax, you might add this to your list of things to consider.

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