August 16, 2004

News Regarding Comments

A couple of quick site notes.

First, we've added a new section to the right that lists the five posts that have the most recent comments, and links to the last comment made to each. Hopefully, putting people up on the web will encourage more of you to add your two cents.

Second, we've added a Movable Type plug-in that blocks comment spam, which we were starting to have trouble with. You shouldn't have any problems posting comments, but if you get rejected, please send us an email and we'll fiddle with the plug-in's settings. Hopefully, we'll get it right.

Third, we want to give public thanks to both Elise and Jay Allen. Elise provided the code for the "recent comments" section and the link to Jay Allen, who wrote the MT Blacklist Plug-In. Both sites are well worth perusing if you use and operate Movable Type.

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I have to add additional praise to the folks who created the spam-blockers. Checking into our activity log one week since installation shows that the programs have been turning away viagra-this, porn-that, and poker-theother. We are so glad not to have to manually remove all that nonsense anymore.

Posted by: binky at August 25, 2004 09:48 AM | PERMALINK
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