August 26, 2004

I Shot Andy Warhol

OK, one last movie post by me for this week. I finally got around to seeing I Shot Andy Warhol. It's quite good on a number of fronts, but since I've only got a second I'll simply note two things that really stood out. The movie really depends on Lili Taylor since she's in every scene, and, as usual, she does a very fine job. I very much envy those who got to see her in Aunt Dan and Lemon on Broadway recently. Secondly, Stephen Dorff is truly great as Candy Darling. That was a role that was probably hard to get just right, but Dorff nails it perfectly. He's superb. It's a terrible shame (at least for the viewing public) that his film career seems to have cooled.

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"Cooled" is a generous assesment.

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