October 05, 2004

Why is it?

Why is it that in the year 2004 we have nonsense like this? (emphasis added)

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, a leading opponent of abortions, agreed that 30 states or more would move to restrict or curtail abortion if Roe was overturned. ``The court is out of step with the rest of America,'' he said. ``I have no doubt that you would see a majority of the states take action to protect unborn children and their mothers.''

Protect what? Protect from whom? Are there packs of raving abortionists running around in the streets? Are they going to round up pregnant women and send them to war in Iraq? Oh wait I get it, protecting us from the scary belief that we are more than just vessels for children, or that when we decide to have children we don't need the "protection" of his organization. We are not women, we are mothers. Well, thanks ever so much Mr. Perkins, but your idea of protection is something I don't need. If I don't want to have an abortion, I think I can hold off the gangs of godless liberals trying to drag me off to the clinic.

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