October 17, 2004

Adrian Peterson

I'm extremely reluctant to bring up the race for the Heisman Trophy since I don't think it conveys who's really "the best" any more than I think that the Emmys or American Idol really spotlight someone who is inherently better at their craft than their competitors. That said, this year's race took a most interesting and potentially historic turn with Purdue's loss to Wisconsin yesterday. More and more I'm wondering if any of the top quarterbacks (Kyle Orton, Aaron Rodgers, Jason White and Matt Leinart) are really going to be able to set themselves apart from the rest of the best. Orton, who had appeared a cut above, now has a very visible mistake on his record. So if it's not going to be a quarterback, and it very well might not be, then who would get it? At this point I'd say the numbers point to Adrian Peterson. That's right - it looks quite possible that a freshman could end up being the favorite for the Heisman.

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