October 26, 2004

I Heart Huckabees

I watched this last Friday night. There were some interesting bits in it. And the cast is fantastic and everyone went after their roles with gusto. I particularly enjoyed Mark Wahlberg, but I think they all did what they were required to do extremely well. And there were some biting portrayals of various social groups (crunchy environmentalists, business types with their forced camaraderie). But is there more to the film as a whole than David O. Russell saying "dialectics are neat!"? If so, let me know. Until then, I still think Three Kings is his best movie. That was excellent.

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OK, so I finally saw this again - and for the first time on the small screen. I've still got some qualms about how deep this film is philosophically, but it's interesting that it's even trying to seriously address BIG questions, and doing so in an interesting style. You'd think it was from France in the '60's or something. Beyond that though - wow, is it ever well made. The music is so beautiful, and the acting is nothing short of spectacular. That many different actors all performing at such a high level - it's so fun and cool to see. I hate to pick anyone out because I loved so many, but who really broke through for me on this viewing was Naomi Watts. So very funny. All in all - definitely one of the best films of last year. And maybe I was wrong - maybe it is as good as Three Kings.

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