November 05, 2004

Latter Days

So I watched a second multiple-hankie weepy this week, Latter Days. I don't watch many American-made "gay-themed" movies. One reason for this is that many of them are just plain bad. True, there are some great ones (say Longtime Companion, or I guess if you want to count it, Philadelphia). And there are also some that are awful, but in fall-on-the-floor funny ways, so those sort of count as good too, even if they aren't actually good at all (say, Better Than Chocolate). But given that many of these movies made in the US are just downright terrible (of course to be fair, most American movies are downright terrible), it's nice to find ones that are solid and enjoyable, if not spectacular (say, on the level of The Broken Hearts Club). I'd place Latter Days in that group of movies. It's not great, but it holds your interest. Steve Sandvoss gives a really nice acting debut as the Mormon missionary who finds forbidden love in California, and has some very hard choices to make.

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