December 02, 2004

Dame Edna and Molly Ringwald

You can always count on the greatest city in the world to provide you with the opportunity to experience wonderful surprises and smart frivolity. Today I will note that if you're a fan of such things, this week's issue of The New Yorker provides a practically orgasmic rave review of Dame Edna's new show. Lahr makes the vital point that Edna is all about vaudeville, not drag, and if you like that kind of thing (and it does offer, when done well, unusual opportunities for being scathing, silly and brilliant all at the same time) this show is apparently a must-see. It's playing at the Music Box.

In other New York theater news, as a teen-movie afficianado I feel it is my duty to report that Molly Ringwald will soon be returning to the stage. She's one of the stars of Modern Orthodox, a Daniel Goldfarb comedy that will be directed by James Lapine.

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