December 29, 2004

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Terribly disappointing.

Bottle Rocket was whimsical. An unexpected love story, staying true to your friends and wacky crime hijinks all rolled into a really nice little film.

Rushmore was a perfect film - perhaps THE perfect film.

The Royal Tenenbaums was more grand - a son of a bitch is reunited with his family amid unreally-detailed characters and settings.

Now to be fully appreciated all Wes Anderson movies probably need to be seen more than once (especially Tenenbaums and Zissou - the screen is loaded with just too much to appreciate it all). But that said, and having seen it only once, this latest Wes Anderson work was disappointing. It had his trademark unexpectedness - but not really in good ways. And some of the absurdist elements (a shoot-out with pirates!?!) seemed particularly misplaced in this movie. Now there are a few great moments here and there. And there are some nice performances in this (Bill Murray has been spectacular in his work with Anderson). But overall, I was really disappointed.

At least the music was on target. Once again Anderson made some great selections there.

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