January 02, 2005

College Bowl Season Thoughts

Happy New Year! If there's one thing that marks the start of another year in the United States it's college football bowl games. Looking back over yesterday (and the preceding weeks) the following things stand out to me:

That the Big East had an automatic slot in one of the Big 4 bowls was ridiculous. All the "best" Big East teams lost games (in some cases, multiple games) they should have won in November meaning that the Pitt Panthers were the Big East's representative in the big money bowls even though they lost 3 games during the regular season. They were, predictably, drubbed by Utah (who finishes the season undefeated) in the Fiesta Bowl 35-7. Thankfully Louisville and Bobby Petrino join the Big East next year. That should greatly improve the quality of the conference (and that I'm saying that about Louisville should speak volumes about how far it's fallen).

Relatedly, the game I wish I'd seen was the Liberty Bowl. Louisville came back to beat Boise State 44-40, led by Baton Rouge native Stefan LeFors (who has in many ways been the most impressive NCAA quarterback this season).

I'm glad that the season is over for Paul Peterson. The Boston College quarterback was a great, under-rated player, but since he broke his hand in November, and then broke his leg ... he needs to rest.

Congratualtions to David Greene. He led Georgia over Wisconsin in the Outback Bowl to finish his collegiate career with 42 wins. He is the winningest quarterback in NCAA history.

There are still two big games to go - the Sugar Bowl on Monday, and the Orange Bowl (for the national championship) on Tuesday.

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