February 25, 2005

Jane Mayer on Extraordinary Rendition

If you haven't gotten around to reading Jane Mayer's article in the New Yorker (the February 14 & 21 issue), you should. It's been out for a little while now, but before it fades from discussions entirely, I want to impress upon you how important it is. It succinctly deals with a host of issues that are of central importance to the conduct of President Bush's foreign policy. These include: a discussion of "The New Paradigm" this administration is using to deal with suspected terrorists (don't put them on trial, just lock 'em up ... forever); the frankly ridiculous, but apparently dangerously serious, views that White House has about the scope of its authority (John Yoo has very limited vision of checks and balances); the types of torture in which the US is complicit (not a full list, but boiling an arm and the like gives you an idea); and the limits of what can be gained through extraordinary rendition and the use of torture, and the exceedingly unhelpful consequences that can result from these policies. It's a great article.

UPDATE: Bob Herbert has a good piece on this topic in the New York Times today.

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