February 28, 2005

And A Very Special Oscar For ...

OK, whether or not you watched last night's fashion, oops, I mean awards, show, if you could pick out one bit of work from last year's films that you think was under-appreciated and worthy of recognition, what kind of award would you give? While Julie Delpy's swaying hips in Before Sunset come to mind (she was amazing), I think I'd pick out Mark Wahlberg's work in I Heart Huckabees. I had some problems with the film as a whole - but for me, that may have been the year's most over-looked, but seemingly award-worthy performance. Though of course I also absolutely adored Napoleon's love interest in Napoleon Dynamite. I don't even know that actress's name, but she was wonderful.

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for best free-spirited ingenue i'd have a hard time choosing between natalie portman in garden state and kate winslet in eternal sunshine. probably, though, i'd give it to kate winslet for a more multi-dimensional performance, and out of respect, since i'd probably give natalie portman the guilty pleasure award for the stripper scenes in closer.

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