March 21, 2005


We at Bloodless Coup have slipped under the radar of the whole woman bloggers drama stirred up over a post by Kevin Drum. For one, we are too tiny to rate as a popular blog. Alas, we are also too "omni" (-party, -gender, -etc). Plenty of people have weighed in on this (including the folk at Crooked Timber and this list at Culture Cat, but I thought the delightful Bitch PhD) had a link to the funniest summary of the spat. It strikes me though, as more sad than anything the way the "missing" women are justified, before people even take a moment to look around to see that rather than missing, there are many that are simply not being noticed. Makes me happy to be with the Bloodless crew, who have no trouble acknowledging that I can be vicious and self-aggrandizing as the boys who get turned on - rather than turned off - by arguing.

You know what, the more I read on in this vein, the more irritated I get. I mean, shoot, with all the things that are supposed to make male bloggers superior (angry, willing to fight, highly credentialed, writing about war and other important issues, etc) I realize I should be one of the most popular token women out there, given that I am angry (what, you want to make something of it?), willing to fight (see , oh, any thread), highly credentialed (why else would I have gotten that damn PhD?), and write about war and other important manly topics. Most definitely when you consider my predisposition to associate with people who have penises (baltar, armand, and most of the peanut gallery). I'm tellin' ya', Bloodless Coup should rocket to the top of the pop charts. I mean, it can't be that Binky Rasmussen, Woman, is actually interested in this stuff. No. It's got to be something she does just to appeal to men. (insert eyeroll here)

In the mean time, check out this list of woman bloggers at What She Said. There are many others too, but clearly someone has been fired up enough to start a list. Oh and this list of excuses at Sapphos Breathing is great too.

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Binky, I've been blogging about this sort of thing all March, as we celebrate Estrogen Month over at my blog. For the last few days I collected reactions like yours; hope you enjoy reading through the list!

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at March 21, 2005 04:12 PM | PERMALINK

Yes, we did, and we're working on updating our own blogroll. There are some women bloggers on my regular read, but the list opened the door to so many more!

Posted by: binky at March 22, 2005 11:49 AM | PERMALINK
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