March 22, 2005

Jean Jaques Rousseau Was a Terrorist-Loving, Commie Sodomite!

Well, no, he wasn't. But he was a foreigner after all. And apparently foreigners are not to be trusted. They are horrible people, trying to wreck all that is noble and godly in the world. And the US must be protected from their crazy and evil beliefs. Or apparently that's what John Cornyn of the great state of Texas thinks - and thinks should be required of the government and all red-blooded Americans.

This resolution might be xenophobia at its finest, but it's also utterly ridiculous on a host of grounds. Moon cuts Cornyn's argument to shreds here. The basic point - Cornyn is stirring up a political firestorm in reaction to ... nothing. What Cornyn asserts is going on is not actually happening. Cornyn sees potentially treasonous malfeasance in ... dicta. But of course reality has never been enough to stop Cornyn from proposing terrible public policy before, so he's unlikely to let that stop him now.

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"Terrorist-Loving, Commie Sodomite!"

Oh behave!

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