April 03, 2005

The First Stunningly Bad Conclave Analysis!

I'm going to give this to MSNBC - the first news outlet I've seen that in its desperate desire to push square cardinals into round categorizations that American readers can supposedly understand not only reverts to the tried and truly meaningless liberal-moderate-conservative labels, but manages to get even those dumbed-down labels completely wrong when it comes to certain cardinals.

I'm referring to the "potential successors" page they have up as party of their John Paul II coverage. As part of that they include the expected liberal-conservative classiffications and thumn-nail sketches. But clearly they need to find better sources for their analysis - because I can't imagine what measures they are using when they label Cardinals Schonborn and Castrillon Hoyos as "liberals". They are nothing of the sort by the standards of the College of Cardinals.

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