June 07, 2005

Sarsgaard in Kinsey

I finally got around to watching Kinsey last night. It's good. Technically it's really very good (in terms of the cinematography, score, costumes, art design, etc.), though Kinsey himself is so egotistical and a bit tiresome that I'd probably only give it 3 stars on a 4 star scale. Some biopics just suffer from being centered around someone who bothers you a bit - and that limited my enjoyment of this. But it's a beautifully made film.

In terms of the acting though (which is generally good or very good) one actor really stood out - Peter Sarsgaard. I mean he's been excellent before of course (Shattered Glass, Boys Don't Cry, Garden State) so another great performance isn't that big of a surprise really. It's just a wonderful thing to see. He's a brilliant actor (can't wait to see Jarhead!). And in terms of a less flashy role, I thought Oliver Platt did a very fine job playing the unversity president.

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