June 22, 2005

... Yet More Spineless Wimps

Gov. Perry of Texas, hero of all those propriety-lovin' gay-hatin' right-wing activists in Texas, who waited until he thought an interview was over, then hurled an expletive at an interviewer, and then called later to apologize. If you're really so tough, be a tough guy on the air to the reporter's face, and surely don't apologize when you get caught being surly.

And of course Sen. Dick Durbin, who had nothing to apologize for. Was he exaggerating a bit? Sure. But that's how politicians often make points, and he didn't say anything inaccurate. But apparently Durbin let all of the press about his remarks go to his head and came to think that he was the story - not the torture and killings carried out in the name of this administration. And it's those actions, not the words spoken by a member of the minority party in the Senate, that are the story. Those are the acts that truly put the lives of Americans at risk. This week I'm a bit embarrassed that Durbin is a fellow Hoya.

Though at least Durbin doesn't come across as being somewhere between uninformed and being a complete idiot. If you read down through the story on Durbin's comments you'll see that Mayor Daley wins that prize.

And a last thought on this aimed at the Bush administration - if you don't want people comparing your government to notorious torturers and fascists, stop acting in ways that make the comparisons possible. But of course perhaps this is all part of their cunning plan. Distract people with this stuff so they won't notice skyrocketing deficits, corporate giveaways, and the health care crisis in this country.

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