June 23, 2005

How the SCOTUS Split in Today's Decisions

SCOTUSBlog has this handy graphic showing who was and who wasn't in the majority in the six decisions handed down this morning by the US Supreme Court (the remaining seven decisions from this term will be handed down on Monday). As you can see, Justice Kennedy was the only justice to vote with the majority on every case. Justices Breyer and Ginsburg were only not in the majority once. Justice Stevens' "lost" more cases than any other justice - he was only in the majority 50% of the time. The graphic nicely illustrates that while in some areas there is indeed a 5/4 split on the Court, who's part of the 5 and who's part of the 4 varies by topic, and of course on many areas of the law, there is much agreement than disagreement among the justices.

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