June 23, 2005

Responses to Rove and O'Reilly

Atrios pithily notes: "For the record, my motives aren't to get more troops killed. If those were my motives I'd ship them off to a war on false pretenses without sufficient equipment them safe."

Garance Franke-Ruta notes: "The continuing freedom of Osama bin Laden is a national humiliation. But it is one that remains within our power to rectify. This nation's strength has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout our history. A nation that defeated fascism in Europe can surely catch one cave-dwelling man hidden among the mountains of South Asia. And until such time as we do, Karl Rove should stop making divisive remarks designed to undermine the national unity so necessary to winning the war on terrorism.

But if you want a link-rich response to the latest appalling statements to come from these cowardly liars go read this at The Left Coaster. Really. Do. I strongly recommend it. It's an important post. The notion that the far right is somehow protecting American society through their outrageous and dangerous behavior (and I'm not just talking Gitmo-type behavior, though that's harmful) is flat-out ridiculous. Their failures should be noted. And people like Rove should be held accountable for them. In a just world he'd have to atone for much more than his most recent slanders.

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Nice post. I'm not sure I'm completely on board with everything the "Left Coaster" says, but the sentiment is good. I haven't made this crystal clear in a post (maybe I should), but Bush's war in Iraq has done more to harm the "war on terror" than just about any other policy I can think of. Criticism of the Iraq policy is not, de facto, criticism of national security, the war on terror, Bush, or even his foreign policy in general. If American's can't publicly note the (numerous) failures of the Bush war (and aftermath) in Iraq, then we've lost one of those precious freedoms (that so many around the world don't have) that we are supposedly fighting for.

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