June 30, 2005

Red White and Blue (but not from too much air conditioning)

Ah yes, the Senate election season has begun. Even though our senior senator says he has not committed to running for re-election, the level of new spam email messages from his organization tells me he is. And likewise, the news of today tells me that not only does the GOP think he is running, but they also are going to reapply themselves to making more of WV red. Yes indeedy, on the Fourth of July, the POTUS himself will be visiting small town USA, having an event right outside my office.

Were I feeling more pithy after my return from nearly two months of perigrinations and blogging hiatus, I might summon the energy to draw parallels to the efforts (dollar support and presidential visits ) of the GOP during the last election. I might also have the spunk to speculate on the inevitable nastiness coming from the election. Perhaps I would even guess about whether those at Bloodless Coup would be permitted to obtain a "ticket [that] is required to attend the event" given that we are two Ds and a very dissatisfied R. But no, alas, not today. Today, as the summer malaise of hot temperatures and emotional exhaustion clutches at my brain, sucking all the pithiness away as I sit in my un-air-conditioned house, what comes to me is:

Shit. If the weather's unbearable, I'm not even going to be able to go into my office and surf the web in a/c without a freaking ticket.

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