July 17, 2005

Go Read This

Can I say once again how much I love Bitch, Ph.D.? She has a truly wonderful post, that links to a journalism dust-up that should hit all of us close to home. Her post reflects on two pieces: one a Modern Love column from the NYT (login required, of course) and two a response from the (in the opinion of many in the blogosphere) unfairly maligned blog author. Read the comments too, for an excellent perspective. This whole thing ought to resonate with all of us academic - especially literary academic - bloggers out there. Not only is there a direct relation to the upstairs/downstairs parallel of today's world with the Victorian novel, but the whole business reveals a great deal about the upstairs/downstairs relationships of "real" journalism to blogging as well.

And further on the issue, you should read this post about a Chronicle of Higher Education article. The CHE article really illustrates the generation gap in academia ("God forbid they have a life, write about it and [shudder] use a computer to do it!"), and is in my opinion part of the reason bright young scholars are thinking about things other than teaching for their "life's work." Further analysis here and here.

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