August 02, 2005

Sirota and Davies Are Irksome

So who's annyoing me in the blogsphere today? David Sirota. This "let's punish the pro-CAFTA Democrats" has gotten WAY out of hand. First off, shouldn't he be more interested in punishing the Republicans who saw to it that this was a priority and got a vote? Beyond that, does he think free traders have no place in the party? If so, he should have been seeking to oust Jim Moran from the day he was first elected. Was this a perfect bill? No. Far from it. But the idea that THIS should be a litmus test among Democrats is stupid. Though not as stupid as his suggestion that Democrats should hold back from funding the likes of Dennis Moore and the Senators Nelson. He'd rather see Republicans in their seats? He seriously thinks Moore's not in electoral danger? Does he know anything about politics in Kansas? This whole fit of his is both tiresome and wrong-headed.

I'm not as annoyed with Andrew Davies - but I'm much more confused by him. Uh, if gay sex makes you queasy, maybe you shouldn't have agreed to write a film version of The Line of Beauty to start with. It's sort of like agreeing to write a mafia story, but not wanting to convey that Sicilian Americans might ever break the law. The novel is one of the best I've read in years, so I hope the filmed version works - but if it doesn't contain any gay sex ... well, it's going to be a rather different story than the book it's supposedly based on.

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However, despite his wariness towards gay sex, Davies is no prude.
He made his name through an adaptation of lesbian drama Tipping the Velvet, famed for including graphic scenes of lesbian sex in a teatime drama for possibly the first time.

As yes, the old double standard. Male homosexuality=bad; female homosexuality=HOT!!!

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Which proves yet again that it's not really homosexuality that's at issue - it's about getting to watch women as much as possible. What does a straight guy like more than seeing tits, ass and horny women getting hot? And if anything gets in the way of that, it's got to go to make way for it ...

Though that explanation of mine doesn't get at the odd way in which we treat (or rather, don't treat) the penis on screen. I've got to say I remain perplexed at why exactly Americans remain deathly afraid of seeing a penis on-screen. I'm under the impression that lots of Americans like penises, so it seems rather odd.

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Indeed, and those that have penises certainly do seem to have quite a bit of, ah, affection for their own. Perhaps it's that it isn't "allowable" for them to like someone else's too, and that's a very scary thought, to be avoided at all costs.

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