August 06, 2005

More than slightly skewed

Peggy Noonan has a piece on West Virginia. Oh how quaint those poor people are! I love how she goes on about the mountains and trees. It reads like a real estate promo, which it more than likely is. She touches on the land grab, which is eating the Eastern Panhandle as urbanites pour in from D.C. and elsewhere. No mention of mountaintop removal, which is working against the "tall" state she describes. Also note the dig at Byrd...why just look at all those beautiful highways no one uses. And the one eyed man who is (gasp) actually intelligent! Condescending patronizing pap. But you can read it yourself. Via Alicublog

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Condescending doesn't even begin to describe it. At least we nice West Virginians have her number - bitch.

I swear, it's like listening to Scarlett wax on about how awful it would be for things to ever change. She doesn't want to change the lack of development, or the lack of access to health care b/c ... well, it's all so quaint.

And Binky, given some recent comments at Bloodless, I'm guessing this line caught your eye - "It is very nice, when traveling, to see your beliefs and assumptions statistically borne out." Statistically borne out? Yup, she remains as unhinged as ever.

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