September 01, 2005

Have a Cigar!

We are proud to announce the arrival of a happy healthy bouncing baby ZINE!!!

When we started Bloodless Coup we intended to have both the blog and zine component up and running. The zine was delayed, but hopefully it will now be a regular quarterly feature here at Bloodless Coup.

The first issue is devoted to music, including snippets about Coachella, coverage of the Allgood Festival, a review of a local concert by Rasputina, plus several individual and groups pieces by the Bloodless Crew and guests. There are seven hotspots embedded in the photo on the front page of the zine that will link you to the articles. Future issues will feature politics, fiction, photography, and other subjects that strike our fancy.

We've worked (too) long and (maybe) hard (enough) gestating the zine. It's our first effort, and a little rough around the edges, but hey, so are we. If you're interested in contributing to future issues, or want to offer cheers or jeers, just head to the main homepage and write the editor.

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