September 05, 2005

Red Eye

I had a great Saturday night, and it started off with seeing a really fun movie - Wes Craven's Red Eye. I don't want to get anyone's expectations set too high. The premise it is set on isn't remotely complicated, and the plot twists it follows are, in a couple of cases, rather unlikely if you really stop and think about it. But what's brilliant about the film is that it doesn't lend itself to really being analyzed. It's simple, but also almost exhilarating. It quickly captures your attention and keeps hold of it until the end. The writing and directing are smart, perhaps deceptively simple. And the acting by Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams is exactly what one would hope. Murphy is especially good at being both charismatic and menacing. And Jayma Mays is very funny in a small comic role. If you are looking for a rewarding summertime distraction, this might be just the thing for you.

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And how delish is Cillian Murphy? I fell in love with him in 28 Days Later - another brilliant film worthy of checking out. Furthermore he yoinked Scarlett Johanssen's v-card in a very steamy scene from The Girl With a Pearl Earring. That movie was decent - book was better.

Question though: is it Cillian with an "S" sound or a hard "C"? I've heard people say it both ways

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Hey - I even liked him a lot in Batman Begins in an underwritten part. And not just because he's attractive - though he most certainly is.

And I believe it's pronounced "K"illian (which is the spelling I've seen more often on this side of the Atlantic).

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I've even heard Chill-ian. Find some fanzine...they'll have the scoop.

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