September 27, 2005

When You're a Jet You're a Jet

As the New York Jets continue to reel from the news that West Virginia's own Chad Pennington won't be able to return to the field this season, they've gone in a familiar direction, signing former Jet (and Cowboy, and Brown, and Buccaneer, and Raven) Vinny Testaverde. Former Wisconsin star Brooks Bollinger will make his first NFL start in this coming Sunday's game, but the team is exploring a variety of options now that Pennington is out for the year, and Jay Fiedler (their #2 QB) is also injured.

While I think it's interesting that they are once again returning their attention to the 41 year old Testaverde, the other reason I'm linking to this story has to do with the other steps the Jets are pursuing. In the middle of the story it's noted that among the other QB's they'll be auditioning are both Doug Johnson and Jesse Palmer. They both left Florida years ago, and yet once again they find themselves fighting for the same job.

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Go Gators!

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