October 15, 2005

Me and You and Everyone We Know

Armand says - skip it.

This film, a Sundance winner, was written by Miranda July, directed by Miranda July, and stars Miranda July. Ms. July might have a bright future ahead of her, and there are times that I liked the tone of this work. But on the whole I didn't enjoy it. The things not in its favor include: 1) it's sooooo overwrought, too earnest and sincere, 2) the oppressive scoring, 3) in places it's badly overwritten, 4) in a few spots it's unfortunately underwritten, 5) and I think some viewers are going to be put off by the section that features a (really cute) 6 year old in a sex chat room.

Which isn't too say it's complete trash. The younger actors are really pretty good, there are a couple of small characters in the movie that are interesting, and a couple more that could have been. But all in all, you've probably got better things to do with your time than sit through this film that bears many of the familiar marking of a failed early work in a filmmaker's career.

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