October 20, 2005

Pop Quiz!

Midterms continue, so I provide you with more links to other people who are funnier than I feel like whilst grading. Today's pick of the litter? Billmon. A short excerpt (but go read it all):



Q: Please describe the importance of the U.S. Constitution in our system of government.

A: The Constitution is a very important document which plays a very important role in our system of government. The importance of the Constitution cannot be overstated, because the role it plays is so important. I am certain that as an Associate Justice -- and I plan to be the best ever! -- I will have many opportunities to consider the very important role that the Constitution plays in our system of government. However, as I am still reading the document, I feel it would be inappropriate for me to comment further at this time.

Q: Do you believe in the doctrine of constitutional interpretation known as "original intent"?

A: The doctrine of original intent is a very important one, and as Associate Justice I will strive to be as original and intentional as possible in my interpretation of the Constitution, which plays such a very important role in our wonderful system of government. I will carefully consider the doctrine of original intent as I continue to review the various articles and clauses of our great Constitution, which as I'm sure you know includes a great number of amendments. These also play very important roles in our system of government, and clearly are intentional, even though they are not original. My boyfriend, who sits on the Texas Supreme Court, has promised to explain them all to me before I am confirmed.

And I don't know if it's sad or funny that I've got a stack of midterms waiting for me with no doubt some veeery similar sentence construction.

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