December 19, 2005

"Thank you all for coming. Happy holidays to you. Appreciate it."

Did anyone else listen to the press conference? Nice tone, eh?

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Happy holidays?!?!?

I thought he was a god-fearin' man - but instead Mr. Bush wants to make the baby Jesus cry. But moving on from his blasphemy ...

So sad. So very very sad. His response to the revelation that he's been ordering spying on Americans through illegal procedures - It's a shameful act when some one dares point out that I'm acting illegally! And then - 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 ... I mean it's just so pathetic. What would this guy do if he didn't have 9/11 to justify every action he takes? I'd guess maybe he'd just be too vacation-happy to really bother to take actions - sort of like he was in August of 2001.

And I find it truly bizarre that he said - "I made my decision (to invade Iraq) based upon the recommendations of Tommy Frank." Gen. Franks, for all his flaws, certainly wasn't the only man making such recommendations. And he knew damn well what the president wanted to hear. It's a peculiar way for Mr. Bush to defend his own decision to invade Iraq.

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