December 20, 2005

Link Dump

Lots out there today. Just follow the worldinterwebwidenet around:

Kevin Drum explains the legalities behind the NSA wiretapping issues.

Kung Fu Monkey on W's law breakin'.

Norbizness has a bunch of links to stories you probably haven't seen.

A pair (one and two) of massive threads at Obsidian Wings (the first on whether the NSA thing means the sky is falling in a civil rights sense and the second on whether Bush's Iraq speech means anything at all).

Whiled View takes down Secretary of State Rice's weekend Op-Ed on "The Democratic Peace".

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We love Norbizness so much we linked to the same post today.

But I do love that Kung Fu Monkey called the FISA court "notoriously slutty."

More links, mostly from Atrios who is rolling today:

Americablog: Gays are a Terrorist Threat

Nyhan summarizes

Think Progress: The Echelon Myth

Lawyers, Guns and Money: But If We Define Stateless Terrorists As Foreign Armies, And Wiretaps As Free Cherry Pie Instead Of Searches....

Defense Tech: New Tech Behind NSA Snoop Case?

Scott Lemieux again

And again

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