January 18, 2006

MRAs Planned to Kidnap Tony Blair's Son

Men's rights avocates in England planned to kidnap Tony Blair's youngest child.

Fathers' rights campaigners planned to kidnap British Prime Minister Tony Blair's youngest son for a publicity stunt, according to reports in the British media.


The statement said: "F4J say they condemn any such action unreservedly and that the group is increasingly having it's name 'hijacked' by a growing number of militant extremists and that it would seriously consider the long-term viability of the campaign.

There's a lot of ugly stuff out there connected to the MRAs and FRAs. And there are some people around the blogosphere (The Countess, Feministe, Hugo Schwyzer, Ampersand and others) who have done lots of work picking some of the worst of it apart. Yet it's a movement that many people know absolutely nothing about, that sounds relatively benign (who could possibly be against fathers, right?) and that has a very nasty edge to it.

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