February 02, 2006

How about a nice cup of steaming links?

From Majikthise: a group of constitutional scholars weighs in on NSA Spying and Wikipedia IP bans Congress because its staffers don't play nice.

Pam's House Blend shows some wingers are already worried that Alito isn't conservative enough.

Hoffmania reminds us we might have free money sitting around somewhere, and tells us how to find it.

Surprise surprise surprise, the White House Defends Delay's Redistricting.

And the House votes to cut programs to the poor and elderly, saying "entitle this, bitches!"

Evil drug traffickers sew heroin into puppies' tummies.

Duck of Minerva serves up a nice post on planets and social construction.

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Interesting that Richard Epstein signed that letter from the constitutional scholars. I mean I've heard red-meat conservative intellectuals like Epstein (one of the top guns at Chicago, which I presume is still viewed as the top serious conservative law school in the country) and Bruce Fein saying that the president's arguments are a sham. But to actually see him put his name right there with Koh, Sullivan and Van Alstyne - wow.

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