February 09, 2006

Link Dump (of the day) 2: Feminist Blogging Boogaloo

The Happy Feminist ON TURNING INTO A PUMPKIN AT DUSK explores why "the cultural assumptions regarding women's need for male protection often do a disservice to both women and men."

Scott Lemieux describes Phylis Schlafly's love for spousal rapists and hatred for the "malicious feminists who have lobbied for laws that punish spousal rape just like stranger rape." Considering that most rape is not stranger rape, good old Phylis must have plenty of fodder for her righteous rape-apologizing indignation.

La Twisty hypothesizes about race and tolerance for domestic violence, sparked by: "For European women aged 16-44 violence in the home is the primary cause of injury and death, more lethal than road accidents and cancer."

Last but not least, the Eighth Carnival of the Feminists. Lots of good stuff there, but I especially liked this post from Mickle about how having a career in "science often requires that one be either a bit heroic - or one of the guys," and how being the first is nearly as difficult as the second sometimes.

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