February 11, 2006

Go John Sullivan! Go Brokeback!

I'm on the cusp of getting seriously annoyed by two seemingly growing phenomena. While I love all the blog love that's going to Ciro Rodriguez in his primary battle against Henry Cuellar, an awful excuse for a Democrat in the US House, why isn't there more attention also being paid to John Sullivan's campaign against Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL), another awful excuse for a Democrat. Let's replace both Cuellar and Lipinski! Let's show some support for Sullivan!

And I am getting more and more nervous as I read reports from supposed insiders about how Brokeback Mountain is too gay for the supposedly left-leaning Oscar voters. There have been a host of little columns and posts suggesting that Crash might yet beat Brokeback for Best Picture because a lot of the old men in Hollywood just don't want to watch Brokeback. If the over-rated pile of celluloid banalities that is Crash wins Best Picture (it's horrifying enough that it seems a lock for screenplay) it will really show (yet again) that merit has little to do with Oscar race victories.

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