March 02, 2006

The Supreme Court Hears the DeLay/Texas Redistricting Case

All the country's major papers are running articles today on yesterday's arguments in the Supreme Court over the latest round of congressional redistricting in Texas (see this Dana Milbank article for an example). But, as you might as expect, for cutting to the heart of the matter you should check out the post at Election Law. It feature a number of observations from attorneys and political scientists who were in the gallery, and it's interesting to see their reactions - both to what was discussed, and particularly to what wasn't discussed.

What should the Court decide? Rick Hasen's thoughts are here.

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Btw, am I the only person who finds the compactness or non-grotesqueness of the shape of a political district a particularly silly way to judge its appropriateness? The lines are simply that - lines. The don't tell you anything about the peoples, economies and cultures who reside inside or outside those lines. A district's lines can be damn ugly - but still make lots of sense as a way to group the people inside those ugly lines.

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