March 07, 2006


Let's see, we can't trust women, and we can't trust high school students, and, hmm, who else can't we trust to think for themselves? Wait! I know! soldiers!

Unfortunately anonomizers don't work out here (never have). Anyway, I had a few minutes today and thought I'd look and see what else was banned on the Marine web here. I think the results speak for themselves:

  • Wonkette – “Forbidden, this page ( is categorized as: Forum/Bulletin Boards, Politics/Opinion.”
  • Bill O’Reilly ( – OK
  • Air America ( – “Forbidden, this page ( is categorized as: Internet Radio/TV, Politics/Opinion.”
  • Rush Limbaugh ( – OK
  • ABC News “The Note” – OK
  • Website of the Al Franken Show ( – “Forbidden, this page ( is categorized as: Internet Radio/TV, Politics/Opinion.”
  • G. Gordon Liddy Show ( – OK
  • Don & Mike Show ( – “Forbidden, this page ( is categorized as: Profanity, Entertainment/Recreation/Hobbies.”

And, uh, now we're just a wee bit suspicious. And even more upset than before, actually — they're making them read the goddam Note? No fucking wonder 72% of 'em want to get the hell out of there.

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Well, maybe it's a cunning plan to get them away from the media entirely (sure you can listen to the media - as long as it's the tiresome and pedantic media).

Though what's wrong with them reading the Note? I mean it's also tiresome (soooooooo predictable) and as in-bred as the highest-ranking high school clique - but it's very much indicative of the way DC really works today. Shouldn't soldiers have access to that (depressing) knowledge?

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