March 12, 2006

Ezra's "Garden State" Argument for Health Care Reform

Well, it's original.

At the end the movie, it's clear that Natalie Portman (Sam) and Zach Braff (Andrew) are screwed. As an actor, Andrew needs to live in Los Angeles. As an epileptic paralegal in a firm with an "amazing" health plan, Sam can't afford to lose her insurance. So she can't move to be with him and he'd have to give up his profession to be with her. And all because of the employer-based health care system. Not only is it an impediment to economic efficiency on both the worker and employer side, but it obstructs true love.

"It obstructs true love" - I'm sure I speak for most fans of The Princess Bride when I say we've got to put the kibosh on explensive and intrusive policies that obstruct true love. This calls for a new and very different round of Harry and Louise ads - call them the Sam and Andrew ads.

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ROUSes can't keep them apart, but insurance can.

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