March 21, 2006

That Hippie, Jesus, Is Going Down Next

Yeah, that Shakespeare , commie pinko that he is. He always looked kinda funny anyway. Long hair, moustache, funny bloomers and all that. What's next? A beard and a dress?

via Majikthise.

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Quick correction. The original story I cited was a little garbled, and my summary didn't help.

The latest report from the AP says that the superintendent threatened to fire the teacher because Christian parents were up in arms about the fall production of Grease. The superintendent also forced the teacher to cancel The Crucible and put on a more "family friendly" play in its place. The teacher chose MND as her alternate selction. She subsequently quit, saying that it was impossible to do her job without fear of reprisals.

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Gotcha. Thanks for the correction. Still doesn't change the fact that that hippie Jesus is goin' down! [said in the wrestling announcer voice)

Sorry. I've just had too much lately. It's either make stupid jokes and laugh, or fall into the pit of despair.

Dammit! More stupidity! Really, see? I can't stop!

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I love this (from the Guardian article):

Publicity over the drama debate, including a front-page story in The New York Times, has cast an unflattering light on Fulton as an intolerant small town, several of DeVore's colleagues said.

Gosh, maybe that's because you are an intolerant small town, buzzardheads.

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