April 17, 2006


I hate the MUB.

Hate, hate hate the MUB.

For spending the better half of a year tearing up the street and sidewalk in front of my house.

For letting a leak go unattended for years such that it undermined the retaining wall that I had to pay to have fixed, and which resulted in the cessation of civil conversation with the neighbors.

For attempting to make the leak into my problem by not-so-subtly relocating my water meter from inside my property line to the edge of it, given that any leak between the meter and the house is the homeowner's responsibility.

For lying through their teeth about attempting it when I caught them.

For then tearing, etc see above.

And last but not least, for having some sort of rule that keeps those damned walkie talkies on the trucks at full volume, both for the "call" button beeps and the squawky vocals, so that any attempts to think straight with a truck within a three block radius is nigh unto impossible.


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