April 18, 2006

Rob Portman, OMB Director

Yawn-inducing and hilarious at the same time. The president's remarkable inability to bring anyone he hasn't known for years into his circle of top advisors continues unabated.

How should we descibe it? A man with serious security issues? One who's wildly insulated? Or should we throw poll numbers into the discussion and start playing with terms like "deck chairs" and "Titanic"? Oh, and who will replace Portman? Why his Deputy of course!

On a different note, I've long thought Portman had a very bright future ahead of him. Given that - why would he take a job like this that could easily kill his future political career? I suppose it makes sense for a guy from Ohio to get out of the USTR job. But still, given the budget situation at the moment, this isn't a job you take to make fans and friends.

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