May 08, 2006

Stupidity in Florida

Oh, shucks, how could we have guessed there'd be a picture of Jeb?

The Florida Legislature gave final approval to a bill Thursday that requires high school students to declare a major, similar to college students.

The measure now goes to Governor Jeb Bush, who pushed the requirement as part of a sweeping education overhaul approved by the House 90-24. The Senate passed it earlier in the day 39-1.

"It's important because it'll make the high school experience more relevant for a broader range of students," Bush said. "This will give them a chance to pursue education where their interests lie. ... There still will be core curricula credits that they'll need to pass."

How do I hate this? Let me count the ways...

1) If college students can't figure out what they want to do with their lives, how can high school students?

2) Since adolescents' brains aren't fully developed until they reach their early twenties, how can anyone know what they want or can do with their lives?

3) If we don't start paying to attract decent teachers to high schools, how are we going to attract the kind of specialists that majors will require?

4) Why don't we try actually teaching the children to read, write and do math and science first?

5) Does this mean the current mandatory major for high school students in Florida, how to pass the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, will be one of the options? [ed note: I kid you not, my nephew had a class in high school, a class, like any other, on how to pass the FCAT.

6) Can students major in Religion and Pseudoscience?

7) Will a full range of majors be available at all Florida schools, or just in the white suburban Republican districts?

Ah fuck it. I don't know why I'm worried. With the way things are going with global warming, some big hurricane is going to blow all the schools and kids in Florida away anyway.

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