May 13, 2006

So, about all this phone company business

Are we really surprised that the big phone companies (but not Qwest) meekly rolled over for the NSA database? Not even condsidering cynical thoughts like quid pro quo over ending Net Neutrality, can you imagine any major corporation that wouldn't cave rather than threaten the friendly relationship with government? Oh wait, there are a couple.

Atrios is plugging Working Assets, a company which donates to progressive charities and opposed the NSA database. I've had working assets over more than a decade in four states, and wouldn't switch for anything. When my long distance service was slammed by a lying (they said I switched the service for pro-life values) criminal (slamming is illegal) whackjob (associated with Randall Terry) pro-life (well, anti-abortion, but they called themselved pro-life) phone company, not only was Working Assets the ones to let me know, but they called to ask if they had done something wrong, and how could they make it right. Then they helped me get the Attorney General's office involved.

Just sayin'.

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Doesn't it occur to anyone that the net neutrality bill would actually make it MORE likely, NOT LESS that we could be spied on?

I know that if I was the government and I wanted to know what everyday US citiz... um, I mean terrists were doing, then I'd want more oversight over how the Net is run. All the easier to muddy things up without anyone knowing.

So I think we have this backward. Net Neutrality laws are just going to be an excuse to deprive us of our privacy even more.

Posted by: I.F. Rock at May 15, 2006 10:41 AM | PERMALINK

So, with net neutrality we get more government spying, but withoutnet neutrality, we'll likely have severely restricted (via expense) but free from spying internet access?

Posted by: binky at May 15, 2006 03:39 PM | PERMALINK
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