June 30, 2006

Another one of the 894,873,674 ways in which wider acceptance of feminism would be good for men

Re-emphasizing the "not demonizing moms for working" would also be an essential component.

Richard Castellini, senior career adviser for CareerBuilder.com, reports that the company's recent "Working Dads 2006" survey showed that 40% of working dads would stay home with their children if their spouse or partner earned enough to support their families. The survey included more than 225 men, employed full-time, with children under 18 living at home.

According to Castellini, three out of 10 dads say they spend less than two hours per day with their children after work; 10 percent spend less than one hour. Forty percent of working dads report that they bring work home at least once a week. Fifty-eight percent missed at least one special event in their children's lives because of work in the last year and 19 percent missed five or more. Not surprisingly, 28 percent of working dads say their job is hurting their relationships with their children.

Fewer dads than moms said their companies offer flexible work arrangements, 40 percent to 53 percent.

From the WaPo.

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