July 06, 2006

Turning an Aircraft Carrier into a Reef

This one's for Baltar . Six or seven weeks ago the rusting remains of the Oriskany were towed out to sea and sunk South of Pensacola. It's the biggest warship in history to have been sunk for the purposes of turning it into a reef. And now there are only 4 of the old Essex-class carriers that were the backbone of our navy's firpower in World War left. All are museums - the Intrepid in New York, the Yorktown in South Carolina, the Lexington in Texas and the Hornet in California. If you are interested in seeing what it looks like when a US aircraft carrier sinks (thankfully something that's happened very rarely in our history), check out these pictures.

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You beat him to posting, but not the story. He sent me the link for the those a couple of days ago.

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