July 08, 2006

The Game is On!

Annoying, you say? Reliving your youth, you say? A challenge, you say?

OK, I'll see your annoying, your youth reliving, and your challenge.

Then I'll raise you an ear worm.

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How careless of me to miss that Sadly, No! and Mark at Louded Mouth are in the game too.

And with all the talk of battering down defenses to win and what not, I'm really surprised no one has come up with this yet.

Posted by: binky at July 8, 2006 12:43 PM | PERMALINK

This thing is catching fire. Rox Populi, Feministe, PunkAssBlog and Pandagon.

Posted by: binky at July 8, 2006 02:20 PM | PERMALINK

Great choice. Damn you.

Posted by: McBoing at July 8, 2006 02:28 PM | PERMALINK

Uh - what exactly is the point of this challenge? The goal? Most annoying, or what?

Posted by: Armand at July 8, 2006 02:32 PM | PERMALINK

I ask b/c looking through Eschaton - well it started with the video for Total Eclipse of the Heart (the real one, not that bimbette travsety) which to me is freakishly fantastic in an 80's way, and Space Age Love song which is a lousy video sure, but not a bad 80's song at all. But then it descends into some truly awful crap -Cherry Pie, horrid patriotic songs, the parts of Xanadu that aren't hilarious fun (Xanadu and All Over the World) but are awful beyond belief. So, well, I'l confused. Especially if we are throwing Cinnamon into the mix (uh, Ms. Q) b/c she's as dull as a twinkie. I mean why is that song almost 4 minutes long?

And, most troubling of all, why has it now been dug up and mentioned by different groups of my friends twice in the last month or so? Let's stay focused on true treasures of the 80's - like the video for Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Posted by: Armand at July 8, 2006 02:47 PM | PERMALINK

OK, I've GOT to stop looking through these - but a few more thoughts because I can't help myself - I've always liked Rammstein in a they are HILARIOUS way (like their cover of Stripped by Depeche Mode); anyone who posts the video of We Built This City, or who helps it be played, ever, deserves to have their blog shut down for at least 30 days; I'd never seen the video for Big Brown Beaver, that's a good one; and Rick Astley, yikes, this world and the Luke and Mikey world of people who were born in the 80's (and not at the start of 'em) collides again.

For the record the 80's song that was going through my head yesterday was A View to a Kill - which makes me a little surprised no one has broken out the Duran Duran in this contest (though of course Binky's provided some on this blog before).

Posted by: Armand at July 8, 2006 03:08 PM | PERMALINK

How dare you even suggest that the sainted Duran Duran come close to the annoying video challenge. Unless it's Wild Boys.

Posted by: binky at July 8, 2006 03:12 PM | PERMALINK

Well see, that's what I don't get - I don't get that this is clearly an "annoying" video challenge. Bad 80's maybe - but if it's supposed to be "annoying", well, a lot of these choices seem very peculiar b/c some are lots of fun (I didn't click on it, but I think I saw a frame of Safety Dance on one of these pages) and some are so repulsively vile that they are waaaaay past annoying (say Princess Leia, the bits of Xanadu no one remembers, and, of course, the piece of stinking shit that is that Starship monstrosity that we should wipe out of existence).

But yes, framed that way (the annoying challenge) Duran Duran shouldn't be a part of this.

Posted by: Armand at July 8, 2006 03:23 PM | PERMALINK

I think we small fry are going to have to get out of this arms race. The General has fourth strike capability, but Atrios has revealed a multi-megaton atrocity.

Posted by: binky at July 8, 2006 05:17 PM | PERMALINK
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