July 08, 2006

On the Paucity of Female Clerks at the SCOTUS and New York's Anti-Gay Marriage Ruling

Checking out OrinKerr.com I noticed a couple of interesting posts/links. First, I think I learned more about the 4-2 anti-gay marriage decision by New York's top court in this short comments thread than I did in any of the reporting on the decision. Secondly, he linked to this interesting post on why the (already rather small) number of female clerks at the US Supreme Court has been shrinking. I'm not at all surprised Scalia has hired so few (since his clerks tend to be such mirror images of himself that it's almost laughable), but I'm sort of surprised by Kennedy's numbers. Only Breyer has hired more women than men since the '00 term (16 versus 14 - in that time period Scalia has only hired 2 women compared to 26 men).

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