July 18, 2006

George Will Has Left the Reservation

He seems to have lost faith in the administration's faith in democracy, and finds how they prove "success" to be disturbing.

Rice called it "shortsighted" to judge the success of the administration's transformational ambitions by a "snapshot" of progress "some couple of years" into the transformation. She seems to consider today's turmoil preferable to the Middle East's "false stability" of the past 60 years, during which U.S. policy "turned a blind eye to the absence of the democratic forces."

There is, however, a sense in which that argument creates a blind eye: It makes instability, no matter how pandemic or lethal, necessarily a sign of progress. Violence is vindication ...

But that's nothing compared to his vitriol for The Weekly Standard.

The administration, justly criticized for its Iraq premises and their execution, is suddenly receiving some criticism so untethered from reality as to defy caricature.

The insults go on from there.

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The National Review gang will be declaring Will a "closet liberal" any minute now, I'm sure.

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