August 03, 2006

Sen. Robert C. Byrd - On the Wrong Side Again

Byrd's voting record leaves a lot to be desired, and his actions that would annoy many Democrats extend far beyond his votes for Justice Alito, Chief Justice Roberts and former Attorney General Ashcroft. He's made lots of unfortunate calls on economic policy - and he made another today. On the cloture vote that would have allowed the "Paris Hilton" estate tax cuts to become permanent, he sided with the Republican majority (and presumably Ms. Hilton), and against the position supported by Sen. Rockefeller and the vast majority of the Democratic caucus (the other Democrats who joined him in supporting the giveaway to the fabulously rich were Blanche Lincoln and the two Nelsons). Sens. Chafee and Voinovich crossed the aisle to vote with most of the Democrats which, fortunately, helped kill the proposal. It was not able to muster the 60 votes it needed to pass - no thanks to Sen. Byrd.

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